Sounds like a belt...but it's not a belt

you know that squealing sound a belt makes when it’s loose and needs to be replaced? Well what is it when you hear that sound, but you know it’s not a belt? It happens intermittently, usually when the car is cold…and it’s been happening more and more lately…like whatever the problem is, is getting worse

How do you know its not the belt?

The other likely option if one of the pulleys the belt runs on - a pulley bearing is probably getting ready to seize.

Check your power steering fluid level. If it is leaking and low, that will cause a serpentine or power steering belt to squeal even if the belt is new.

Unless you just replaced the belt, it very well could be the belt. A belt can look perfectly fine, but make noise if it is old. If you have an automatic belt tensioner, check that for proper operation as well. You could also remove the belt and spin all the pulleys to make sure they are moving freely and not making noise. If your tensioner checks out okay, and the accessories are quiet, go ahead and get a new belt. You may be surprised.

Some of the Troopers had oil coolers in front of the crankshaft pulley. Many developed a slow leak at the filter/cooler housing that often wet the belt and caused it to slip.

It’s probably a belt, even if you think it’s not. I’ve gone through the same thing. All the belts are new and tight, but still the squeal happens occasionally. I suppose it could be a pulley or a tensioner squealing.

A couple of years ago I had the same problem. After changing several pulleys and A/C clutch, I replaced the belt, that stopped the squeeling!

If you just replaced a belt and now you get the squealing you may have over/under tensioned the belt. You may also have a bearing going out on one of the pulleys the belt connects with. Could be the water pump too, another pulley.

Is it doing it when you turn the steering wheel? Low power steering fluid or bad pump.
Is it doing it when you turn on the defroster? This will turn on the A/C and it might be that pulley too.

Is there anything you are doing when you start the car that seems to be causing the sqeal or does it happen as soon as you start the engine?

Probably a bearing inside the alternator…they SCREAM intermittently when they start to go…similar but not same as a belt. When it is happening spray the alternator with wd40 if the noise abates or changes…you found it. WD40 will NOT hurt the alternator…try to get the spray toward the front of the alt and then the back where the bearings reside…soak it…you wont hurt it