Squealing Belts - 1989 BMW 325i



My car has a squealing belt problem after start up when the car is cold – or has been sitting for a few hours. The belts squeal when I depress the accelerator and then stop squealing once the car reaches 20 mph or so. They do not squeal unless I am accelerating and never after I have been driving the car for a few minutes. The belts are relatively new. I tried belt dressing, and the squeal goes away for a day or two - but then it’s back. Any thoughts? Thanks!


If this has a serpentine belt you may need to replace the tensioner. While you have have the belt off rotate all the pulleys by hand to see if any are sticking pr binding. If not serpentine belt(s) tighten them’


I believe these have a shock/spring belt tensioner, the boot on it fails letting in moisture, causing the spring to rust, it tries to escape… also the belt rollers are plastic, witch get glazed and make noise. I also have seen in rare cases, where the pulleys wear out, sandy dirty environment, not enough surface area on the pulley to hold the belt tight…