New Battery but Replace Battery Warning comes on


I have a 2012 Acura TL. The battery was starting to fail. I could tell because every once and a while it would hard start. But the replace battery warning never came on.

I got a new battery. The car starts normally but now the replace battery warning comes on. Is this likely a false warning or could it be warning about another issue related to the new battery.

I would have the battery cables checked for corrosion inside and check the other end of the cables to make sure there is a good and clean connection. (Not just the battery side.) also have the alternator checked out.
If I remember correctly, I think there is a firmware update for this problem. so, if everything else checks out try giving the dealer service dept. a call and see if there is an update.

Is the warning you see?

If so,have the charging system tested.


I am curious about a “Replace Battery Light”, have never seen or heard of such a light.
Please post a picture.

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Acura TL battery/charging system warning messages;


Interesting, have never seen that, thank you.
I wonder if that is based on an algorithm that measures voltage at startup and charging amps required.

I don’t have any direct knowledge of Acuras, but is it possible that this model requires the new battery to be “registered” with the car’s OBD system, as newer BMWs do?


I suspect you are correct. Whomever did the battery installation missed a step.

… or they might not have been aware that an extra step was necessary.

Thanks for the replies.

AAA replaced the battery a month ago, on 12/29. The warning isn’t on at the moment so I can’t take a picture of it. I’ll post a photo when it comes back on. From the photos Nevada_545 posted the one that comes the closest is the 2nd from the bottom. “Replace battery”. It’s definitely not one of the other 3.

Would the replace battery warning come on if it’s a problem with the alternator or starter? I have noticed that maybe once a week or so there is a hard start.

Thanks. I wondered the same thing.