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2019 Acura TL- Battery cable change

I want to know if my battery cables can be changed.


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Is it very difficult?

How about explaining why you are asking ? And if you really have a 2019 Acura they should not need replacing.

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I have an 2007 Acura…I must of picked the wrong model…but the cables aren’t giving good connection to my battery.

Rather then one of us trying to describe the terminal cleaning just put ( cleaning battery terminals ) in Google and you will see if that is something you can do yourself before replacing the cables.

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I just put a brand new battery in the car, so it has to be the cables you think?

Could be the connections at the other end of the cables are corroded, especially the ground (negative) cable. As noted above, check YouTube,
Cleaning these may resolve your problem without purchasing new cables.

Of course it would help to know why the person is asking about cables but apparently they are not going to say.

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Sometimes these cables corrode inside. The copper turns green and crumbly. Remove them and flex them to find out.

Battery cables don’t often go bad. Not to say yours aren’t, but…

What issue, exactly, are you having? I’m assuming it must be electrical, since you mentioned having replaced the battery.

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If it’s not charging…new cables may not fix the problem.
Could be the alternator, or the fusible link that carries the current to the battery from the alternator.


To the original poster. Stop trying to work on your own car. You apparently don’t have enough knowledge to do even to the most basic of repairs,. Take the car to a good independent auto repair shop and do a FAR better job of explaining the issues you are having than you’ve done here.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but I am trying to save you time and money.

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What exactly is the car doing that makes you think the cables have a bad connection?

Could it be things like, say, the auto up/down power windows don’t work right?

Because there’s a lot of stuff on that car that gets messed up if you disconnect the battery without supplying bridge power, and you have to go through re-learn procedures to get them to work right again.

That’s why when I have the battery changed out in mine, I always make sure they keep the system powered during the swap (it’s the only reason I don’t just change it myself, because I don’t feel like buying the equipment) - they can stick a connecter in your OBD port which will supply enough power to keep the computers from dumping their memory.

I’m reminded of the time a few years ago when I went to Pep Boys to pick up a new battery. I asked the young lady behind the parts counter where the memory savers were, as I needed a new one. She had never heard of such a thing, and I explained what it was. She excused herself for a few minutes and went into the back. When she returned, she explained that she went to consult with her fiance, a mechanic in the shop. He said “you don’t need one of those. When we change a battery in the shop we just keep the engine running”. And thus, why I won’t go to Pep boys for anything but using the toilet.


If the cable connectors don’t make good contact with the battery terminals, try first a sleeve that fits over the battery terminals. Cheap at your car parts store and 10 minutes to put on.

Yes, the cables can be replaced. YOu may need to buy new ones from an Acura dealership however, as sometimes the + cable has car specific fusible links built into the ass’y. Before going to all that trouble and expense might be a good idea to explain why you replaced the battery in the first place. Presumably you were having some symptoms, and upon replacing the battery still have them, right?


Wow, maybe not even that!