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New Axles Make a Pop Noise

My car was making the typical Axles are ruined noise. I have a Chevy Equinox 2012 with 62,000 miles on it. We took it in and both axles were ruined. My breaks were due for a replacement. So ended up getting two new axles and two new break pads. Was driving my car around to test it out and not until a couples hour later every so often when turning I hear a pop. Almost like metal popping or doing something. Not sure. Anyone have ideas what could be that noise? Thanks.

Please note that both axles were ruined due to a defective product and I did buy this car brand new.

Take it back.

New brakes won’t make a popping noise, but cheap axles will.


Cheap, faulty out of the box axles, new and rebuilt are way too common.

What brand axleshafts were installed . . . ?!

Low quality new axleshafts are sometimes even worse than the ones you’re replacing

Having just changed one axle on our Sonata I could also say that if the axles are not “seated” in properly, then they could make a noise as you turn.They would probably eventually fall out.
I agree, take it back.