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2012 Avalon base axle boot ripped your opinions on it

Hi, my axle looks ripped and lots of grease came out. When attempting to turn the axle

with the wheel lifted on jacks it moves the wheel around and seems solid.

Should I get a new axle or just replace the boot?

I attached a picture.

Replace the axle.

You don’t know how long the boot has been open. So you don’t know how long contaminates/debris got into the joint.

Nothing worse than to reboot an axle, then have the CV-joint start making noise later, and having do the job again to replace the axle.



What @Tester said. That joint is fully exposed, no grease if I’m reading that picture correctly. I’d replace the axle, and check the other side.

Yeah looks like the whole cv axle should be changed. Would it be safe to drive till I get it fixed?

I usually tell customers to drive the vehicle until the CV-joint starts making noise, and then replace it.

So you can drive the vehicle until it’s fixed.