New article:American EV Adoption Slowed By Rash of Recalls

100% new vehicle designs have recalls… Clearly a “dog bites man” story.

Manufacturers try not to introduce a new model with a new engine and transmission all at the same time. Think Chevy Vega. New cars usually use carryover engines and trans because it minimizes recalls.

New technology will have some bugs in it. Some buyers will be scared off… some permantly.

The Chrysler Airflow from 1934 is a good example… They had trouble building the all steel body, that started rumors, rumors killed the sales and then the car.

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I guess this sort of thing has to be compared against a baseline, for example using the number of recalls for the current product, vs number of recalls for the company’s products in the past. Likewise, this sort of comparison has to be adjusted for the severity of the recall. A recall for a $10 headlight needing replacement isn’t the same as a transmission needing replacement. Furthermore, the elapsed time it takes the company to complete the recall is part of the customer’s equation. Finally, safety-related recalls probably considered more important than recalls that prevent driving the car. It’s a complicated world we live in.

Typical problems for early adopters, only with cars now. This is why I’m not buying an EV even though I would very much like to.

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