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Recall Confusion

Hi, I am looking at the honda recall for airbags. I’m a little confused…there is 2011 honda element with a recall but other models are fine that year. I don’t get how that is…why don’t they recall the other models as well for that year…

They don’t want to recall any more than they have to, so the fight is on. Whether or not all cars with that brand airbag will be recalled, or just certain models from humid environments is yet to be determined between the car manufacturers and the feds. Our Senator from Minnesota is trying to initiate legislation to get it expanded.

Maybe that in 2011 only the Element had Takata supplied airbags. Are you looking at the US government recall site? Also check with a Honda Dealer.

There could have been a different supplier or production run for other models and they may not be affected by the Recall.
There’s a lot of back room politicking going on behind closed doors. The end game is to have as few cars as possible affected by any Recall.

Say a 2006 model cars is under a Recall for X problem; finally. The 2005 or 2007 may suffer from the identical problem but will not be covered. Again, back room…

So I was stuck in traffic and the radio news was saying that the Airbags supplied are over 3 Million but the recalls have been for 1 Million car. Every legislator is after Takata to recall all cars. I think the company is going to go bankrupt.

On the same note, I have always considered AB a good safety feature, but this news has me wondering. A sudden explosion and metal shards blasting at your face does not sound very safe.

It all depends on who supplied the airbag, what design level it is and whether any complaints have been filed with NHTSA. Different cars use different part number airbags as well as different suppliers. One size airbag does not fit all car models.

What frustrates me recently is the recall notice I got for my Mustang. It informed me that I should visit my local dealer to schedule the replacement. My dealer informed me they had no parts, did not know when they would arrive and that I would get a second letter telling me when parts were available. Hmmm, SOMEbody has their head up a warm, dark, smelly place.

Your safety devices shouldn’t kill you. I’m pulling the fuse, I wear my seatbelts.

The air bag recalls were originally just for Florida and the Gulf Coast. It seems that the recall is expanding farther north and west, too. Also of interest is that Honda just fessed up to under reporting safety related deaths and injuries in ther vehicles to the NHTSA. I keep looking at to see if my Accord is now included in the recall. Not every day, but every month or so.

@Mustangman my mom went through the same thing with her Cobalt and the big GM recall

A simple phone call to a local Chevy dealer informed me that they didn’t need my whole 2008 Impala SS. All they needed were the keys. I dropped them off one evening and picked them up, with the little hole plugs in them, late the next morning. They wanted proof of ownership and the correct mileage. Of course I had another car to drive.