2007 Honda Accord

I can’t seem to be able to remove the air filter box cover on my 3 liter V-6.
I can loosen the 4 screws,but can’t swing the cover away so as to remove the filter.

What am i missing?

The screws may be longer than you think. Try unscrewing them farther.

I am able to to move the cover off the housing,but not enough to swing it out of the way to lift filter out of housing.

Are You Sure This Is Not A Situation Where The Cover Hinges Open A Bit And Then Unhooks To be Completely Removed ?


The cover has a 3-4 inch flexible snorkel that connects to the F.I. injection.

The problem is that i can’t get enough snorkel movement without disconnecting 3 emission lines on the snorkel.

Is A 2006 Accord Similar ?


This thing doesn’t say whether it’s a four cylinder or six cylinder engine. Does this make any sense to you or isn’t it correct ?


Well, i found the procedure on “youtube”, with pictures. Ditto for changing the cabin air filter.

Thanks to you all that replied