New 2008 Honda Element electrical/engine shutdown problem

Our brand new 2008 Honda Element turned itself off(engine, dash lights etc) while in drive and in motion. This has happened twice; both times after being driven for 30+ minutes at 55MPH followed by 25MPH going down a long steep hill. The 1st time it shut down I had activated the auto-door lock (on the driver side door) and the car turned off, no dashboard lights, nothing. The 2nd time this happened weeks later, I braked at the foot of a steep hill and everything again shut off. Took the car to dealer where they seemed to have checked everything, computer, codes, battery system, called Honda corporate to asceertain any know related issues, including driving the vehicle.

They were unable to determine/fix problem.

Any suggestions???

There may be a problem with the ignition switch, an intermittent power connection in the main power panel under the hood or the fuse panel in the dash, or faulty relay. You may be able to track the trouble down by tapping on suspected areas of trouble using screwdriver handle to tap with while the engine is running and then see if you can get it to act up.

Thanks. I passed your comments on to the Honda Service people in Nanuet, NY