Honda Element Shuts of WHILE driving

I have a 2005 Honda Element 2wd, manual.

When ever the engine is cold and I drive my car will just stall out while I am coasting, stopping, turning, etc. The radio will come back on right after the stall and I have to restart the engine. Sometimes it does this multiple times in a row. I noticed that if I step on the gas pedal when I am warming up the car the stall is less likely to happen. It went to the dealer but they couldn’t find any computer generated codes. I had new spark plugs put in, had the fuel injection system and throttle body cleaned and had a valve job completed. It doens’t sound like it’s runny smoothly, kind of choppy. I have to take it in for testing now and before I lose my arm and leg at the dealer. What could it be? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A valve job? Why did a four-year-old Honda need a valve job? This seems rather extreme.

If the radio stops working when the engine stalls the problem is electrical, and could be in the ignition switch. What else stops working when the engine stalls? Do you get warning lights in the instrument cluster?

If it were a fuel problem, or even a problem in the ignition system, the radio would continue to work even though the engine stalled.

Here’s my theory (or maybe I should call it a guess): The computer thinks the ignition has been turned off, because it’s getting a total power interruption every time this happens. That’s why there are no trouble codes. Someone will have to start checking continuity in various circuits.

The valve job was recommended by Honda. I have 100,000 miles…I spend more time in my car then in my home.

Yes, everything shuts off temporarily when it stalls but then the radio, ac, lights all come back on. I just have to restart the engine. I don’t have power steering thought which makes it a challenge sometimes.

Why would an electrical/iginittion switch problem only occur when the engine is cold?

I remember reading something about an ignition switch problem. I am going to try to research that.

Thank you

Yes, I’ll agree that electric power is momentarily being lost. WHERE it’s being lost is for an independent mechanic/shop to find out.
If something DOESN’T turn off, with the power outage, the mechanic needs to know that. Take note of everything that turns off, and take note of everything that doesn’t turn off when electrical power is lost. This information could help the mechanic a whole lot in finding the cause.

I agree. If your Honda dealership can’t properly diagnose this problem, it is time to give an independent mechanic, maybe a Honda specialist, a shot at it. You certainly don’t want to keep throwing money down the drain, and in the process, you just might find a better, less costly place to get your maintenance and repairs done.

I have a similar problem the panel and radio turn off while driving for a half second or so them all the panel light comes back like when you put the switch to on. Most of the time the engine do not turn off completely just 2-3 times the engine turn off.

Ericthecarguy has a youtube video that shows how the faulty ignition switch does this on MANY Hondas, the electrical portion (not the lock cylinder) is fairly cheap. They fail all the time and just turn the car off, sometimes just jiggling the key does it. The dealers want you to replace fuel pump (never the cause) or do valve job/adjust. This is because Honda Dealers are regularly screwed by Honda NAmerica and need to make money somehow (look up Dealer vs Honda class action lawsuit) Avoid dealers like the plague; they are money eating zombies created by Honda. Buy these cars used (and with MT!) and stay faaaar away from all dealers!