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Never-ending brake job

Early last month we took our car to the shop with brakes to the metal-on-metal point (we never did hear the telltale squeal). They did brakes and rotors and told us we also needed one of the calipers replaced and they did so. We continued hearing significant, consistant grinding throughout the month anytime the brakes were applied. We but took it back last week. They drove it, took it apart and said no one at the shop heard the noise or could find anything wrong. We have driven it a few times since with no problems, but today (dry, sunny) the brakes are squeaking anytime they are applied with any force. Any suggestions?

It’s probably the brake pads that they used. Either live with the noise, or insist that they replace them with the OEM pads.

The disk brake pads may need to be lubricated. Some pads need some lube on the back to eliminate squealing. Just to be sure I explained it adequately: the lube goes on the side of the pad that does not touch the rotor.

I don’t know if your Grand Am needs this lubricant. Ask the service tech. Or maybe someone here knows for sure.

It might be a wheel bearing failure, check the bearings for play.