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Neutralizing alarm sound during rain - 2005 Jaguar XK8

Hi XK8 owners … Does anyone know how to adjust/newtralise or turn off the alarm sound which takes place during heavy rain.
Thank you,
Adrian M. Farmer

Not a Jag owner but I have a couple of suggestions.

Find where the water is affecting a component and seal it.
Install a switch to cut off the power to the alarm horn.
Do not arm the alarm.
Remove the alarm.

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A combo of wind and heavy rain might be moving the door enough to affect the door switch. You might try placing some tape over that switch to hold it in the door closed position, might provide a clue to what’s going on. One caution: Taping that switch in the door closed position might confuse the car’s computers and or cause some functions not to work. The tape idea is used only for diagnostic purposes, not a solution.

You’ll find a lot more Jag owners on a Jag forum.