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Random alarm

Around 415am this morning my 2002 VW Jetta TDI’s alarm went off. It rained most of yesterday and all of last night. I go out to the car and get the alarm to turn of by unlocking it. i get in and start the car, hoping this will “reset” it somehow, like my computer. i get out set the alarm and go back to bed. About twenty minutes later the alarm goes off again. i go back out turn off the alarm by unlocking the car and then drive the car up to the house in case the alarm goes off again. it has not, yet… Each time i checked around the car for intruders etc. nothing.

That is the very reason I don’t like those alarms. More bother than they are worth.

Rain in torrents combined with heavy winds can definitely set some systems off. It sounds like you had one heck of a storm. Correct me if my perception is wrong.

Relays have a tendency to operate without warning in any humid condition if they are not properly sealed. I think that’s your problem here. I am not a fan of any alarm system because they are basically “neighborhood noise makers”. I always suggest that they be removed or disabled. They can go off in crowded parking lots and almost no one notices.

There was a lot of rain, but not a lot of wind. I used to live in Lousiana and I’ve never had the alarm go off without provocation though. I’m guessing that because it is a 2002 some of the seals may have gotten weaker over time and that is why the problem only came up now. I just spent alot of money getting new gearshift cables and tires. I’ll have to wait on getting the alarm disabled or changed.

My car did this too! I have an '03 Jetta TDI wagon. This happened to me on a road trip, and I believe it was after a rain as well. What seemed to be happening was that some electrical glitch kept telling the car that the wagon hatch was open, and when it “opened” while the car was locked, the alarm would go off. I chalked it up to weird electrical issues that VWs are sometimes known for, and it hasn’t happened in a year since.