Malfunctioning car alarm lexus gx470

Does anyone know if (manufacture) car alarm on GX 470 is sensitive to weather or humidity. Arrived in Florida (from Minnesota) and car alarm starts in the middle of night (more than a few times). There is no indication of attempted break-in of Lexus or other cars in condo parking area and no car is parked next to this. Not a problem until this trip. Could condo wireless internet signals interfere with alarm? Is there any way to inactivate car alarm and have the car locked? If not, is there a way to disable the alarm?


Is there any way to inactivate car alarm and have the car locked? If not, is there a way to disable the alarm?

I’m sure there is and that would be in your owners manual. If you don’t have one try here:;JSESSIONID_LEXUSDRIVERS=vhGxTTnMtQ0GfVqvThrkg2Tgvm1JQ7FhD23yMvZLLDR15Bl6CwDp!-1785490588#

Normally if you use the key to lock it, the theft system will not be armed. Welcome to fla. Gotta head back to mn soon.

More Info: the same thing happened last March (only in Florida). I took the car to a dealer (in FL) they could not find a problem (the alarm did not give a false alarm). I took the car to the dealer this year (FL) the alarm did go off in their parking lot, they spent two hours troubleshooting the culprit ---- and could NOT identify the cause. Any thoughts?

I learned years ago that “relays” especially in humid or very cold conditions will trigger themselves. I’m now working on a problem with a Pioneer radio/CD that turns itself on when the temps fall into the teens. The fix is simple: add an ignition switch circuit but I would really like to find out why it acts this way. Perhaps electronic “relays.”

Failure of the return spring???
I’ve never heard of relays being sensitive to temperatures in that they activate themselves, but I long ago learned not to discount anything. Just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t really happening.

No “return spring” in the radio control panel. It’s just tiny buttons on an electronic circuit board. I found the radio playing full blast when I went out very early in the morning to start my truck. It was about 10 degrees. My neighbor said she kept hearing music throughout the night for several nights. I finally put a security camera in the truck and caught the radio coming on on it’s own.

Relays that are not completely sealed are notorious for actuating on their own due to moisture. Newer generation relays are not so bad but they can do the same thing and are more “temperature sensitive.”