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Neutral Safety Switch question (Jeep Cherokee 1998 Automatic, 4WD 4.0L L6)


I haven’t had working white reverse lights on my 223,000-mile 1998 Jeep Cherokee in at least 5 years. I have been having some problems. These problems cause the Check Gauges and Check Engine lights to come on.

In the last year or so, though, my gas gauge has become unreliable and my oil gauge pressure sensor has been screwing up. The pressure sensor always reads 0 until I accelerate for a little bit and then the check-gauges light goes off and the gauge reads low at about 1/4 pressure all the time.

This week, I cleaned up my Neutral Safety Switch really well and finally have working reverse lights and fixed my check engine light, however the oil pressure gauge problem also cleared up inexplicably. I believe the gas gauge problem may also have been reconciled. Can you please explain the mechanism that allowed the NSS to affect the oil pressure sensor? There is no way this was a coincidence, is there?