Intermittent electrical problem

The check gauges light comes- the ammeter gauge pegs at zero.

If I turn car off , come out and start it and run the car everything is fine … Think it may be grounding problem … I have checked only the battery Terminals at this point – any ideas . This a Jeep Cherokee Sport 1998 model with a 4.0 L

I have the same issue with a 98 Grand Cherokee 6 cyl auto trans w/ 240k miles. It started last week. Our trusted shop mechanic tested the alternator and found it working and charging when we took it in. We have noticed that when we use the turn signals, the check gauges light comes on and the ammeter reads zero. For a number of months the left turn signal has not operated properly and causes the radio lights to flash off when the signal light flashed on. Recently the hazard lights remain on whenever the running or headlights are on. They seem to be all related. Is there a switch issue here? Don’t have an answer but do share the problem.