98 Jeep Grand Cherokee - reverse lights not working



I took my 98 jeep in for the safety inspection and it failed b/c the backup lights weren’t working when the vehicle is in reverse. I checked the bulbs and they are ok.

Any ideas on whether this is a fuse issue or a wiring/electrical issue, or something else? I want to try to fix it myself but if it’s a wiring/electrical issue, it may be beyond my abilities.

Anyone have any ideas on what this repair may cost?



Looking at the limited info on the Autozone web site it shows the reverse switch gets its power from the fuse #6. The switch contacts are in the Park/Neutral switch which may be near the shifter or by the transmission usually. It shouldn’t be a difficult repair and, as a guess, may about a hour of shop time to fix.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll try replacing the fuse and the park/neutral switch.


on the other hand - I won’t replace the park/neutral switch. I’ll try the fuse and then if that doesn’t work, take it to a mechanic.

Thanks again for the help!