Neeed an Affordable Compact Car for long legs and short arms!

I am in the market for a new car as my 2001 Audi that I have had for 2.5 years is ridiculously expensive to maintain/repair! The Toyota Yaris seemed like a great idea (especially now with 0% financing). The trouble is that when I test drove it, I discovered that when I push the seat back to fit my legs comfortably the steering wheel is just a bit to far to be comfortable for my arms! Other than that it is a great car for me. I have the same problem with all of the other comparable cars for my budget (nissan versa, honda fit, etc.) None of the cars in this class offer a telescopic wheel as an option so I am super frustrated. Can anyone offer advice?

You made need something else with a telescopic steering wheel other than a sub compact. The Corollas give up little in mileage to the Yaris and may have a package that offers it. If not, I’d check option in other compacts (not sub) models. The sub compacts are over rated for fuel economy considering the sacrifices you make.

The Fit has a tilt/telescoping steering wheel. Go try it again. While you’re there, look at the Civic. It also has a tilt/telescoping steering wheel and may offer more interior room for the driver.

I always hesitate to recommend it because their reliability has been hit-or-miss, but the VW Rabbit (formerly Golf) has very different ergonomic sensibilities than other compact cars. I’m not sure if that applies to your specific issue, but they’re definitely the most comfortable small car for taller people. It might be worth sitting in one and test driving it.

I don’t know if you would accept a used US car but our 05 Chev Malibu had a power adjustable position brake pedal and a telescoping/tilt steering wheel as well as an adjustable seat, of course. It was a wonderful car; had no recalls or warranty problems and got excellent gas mileage. It was good for 32 mpg overall on an extended trip that included a lot of local driving.

Possibly new Malibus have this feature but I don’t know; have not checked and am of a fairly usual height and didn’t really need the power adjustable brake pedal feature.

We reluctantly traded it in 08 for a more expensive car.

You should also check out the Hyundai Elantra.

I fit in an old Rabbit, and I’m 6’5". Note that VW’s flip-flopped again, it’s now called the Golf for 2010.