I have a hood bolt missing. the one i had needed to be tightened

formalities first

this is a mazda 3 2010 i touring

is this the culprit of my weird rattling noise? the leftside of hood only has one bolt. the rightside has both. the one singular bolt was loose and i tightened it. the right side one had enough slack to turn when i tried to tighten it.

would a loose hood make a rattling noise that i was complaining about?

i also need to acquire another one of these bolts can i find one at autozone?

ps i apologize for my bad manners in previous posts to everyone i was throwing a temper tantrum at. i have been quite stressed about money and a myriad of maintenance issues both with my car and my gfs car and now i notice there is water damage in garage at the house and wasp or hornets infestation by garage i got attacked today my hair protected me from getting stung

That could be the source of your noise, see if the dealer parts department has one. If not, have them give you the part number and look on line. You need to replace it.

Just take one of the bolts to Ace Hardware or even Home depot and get one like it . Put it in and you know if that is the rattle.

The bolt is metric so don’t buy one with English thread. Auto parts store or a good hardware store.

Do you hear a similar sound when pressing down at various places on the hood? In any event, that bolt needs to be replaced, so may as well do it now rather than later. Look carefully with a flashlight, you may be able to find the missing bolt lodged somewhere in the engine compartment. Bolts come in different grades. If a certain grade is required, you have to replace it with the same grade. The grade is often ID’d by marks on the bolt head. Do you see any sort of special-looking markings on the remaining bolt head?

I would pull one of the right side bolts and take it to any hardware store. Have them help you find the correct match. It’s probably something like an “M8 x 1.0” or “M8 x 1.25.” The “M” is about millimeters (bolt diameter). The 1.0 or 1.25 is the thread pitch. The length of the bolt will be measured in millimeters too. It will very likely be a very standard bolt.

If at all possible, drive something else to the hardware store while you find the bolt.

i noticed the 12mm socket fit for tightening

Dealer or Napa for a replacement. But that head is not standard and forget the name. Harbor freight has the sockets. Or just change all of them to standard. Hoods jiggle a lot in motion. That’s why they have rubber bumpers.

I have a set of metric and sae thread measuring devices. Then I can tell what I need before heading out. Well worth the $20.

Edit: that looks like an E Torx bolt.
Edit again: I don’t know why I thought it looked like a e Torx but guess not.

Get one too long, dent the hood.

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I’m with VOLVO-V70 on this, remove one from the other hood hinge and take it to ACE and when you walk through the door, an employee might ask you if you need help, say Yes and hand them the bolt, they will take it from there… They carry all kinds of specialty bolts, they carry shoulder head bolts and will be much cheaper than an auto parts store, most of the time… at least the ones I deal with in my area do this…


A 12mm is the head size, not the bolt size. The threads need to match, the size of the head does not

I’ve been able to purchase brake caliper bolts from ACE hardware.



You are lucky. My ace is maybe a quarter of that size for bolts. So anything automotive I have to go to Napa.

Another option is fastenal. I needed a left hand 5 mm nut. They didn’t have it on hand but ordered it and had it in two days.

If I were asked for a hood hinge bolt, I would hand the person an 8 mm 1.25 X 30 mm and 8 mm 1.25 X 40 mm. One of these will work.

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it looks like this i took one out

it takes a 12mm socket

A bolt with a 12 mm head usually has an 8 mm threaded shaft. Bolts are identified by and sold by the thread size.

this makes no sense to me can you explain in laymen terms? what should i pick?

Go to a place that sells hardware.

They have thread gauges that determines the size thread.


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Go to ACE and just have them match it up please, or any hardware store… or the dealer…

I thought you said you were a mechanic in the military and you can’t take that bolt to a hardware store and let them match it for you?