Need to replace our Van

My wife “bumped” a care in front of her and now we need to look for a new family vehicle. We need something that seats 7, but would really like something seating 8 or 9 with some cargo room.

We have been driving a Chevy Astro Van which has done wonders for us, and are sad do see it go. We live in Idaho, so 4 wheel or all wheel would also be nice. Any suggestions? Thank you.

A Toyota Sienna is available with AWD and seats 8 and is excellent.

Alternatively a full-size SUV works quite well.

A Suburban or Expedition XL would be the SUVs to consider, but with much poorer MPGs than the Sienna.

That must have been quite a bump to require a total replacement. ?

Yes. And that is why it was in quotation marks. :frowning:

Thanks for the recommendations, my wife really likes the specifications of a sienna, and the fact that it is a toyota. We will likely go that route. Thank you.

Keep in mind with the Toyota Sienna AWD that, aside from being very expensive, even in the used car market, that Toyota deleted the spare tire to make way for the AWD system and equipped this vehicle with run-flat tires. Those run-flats have a tendency to wear out rapidly and are extremely expensive to replace. If you want to seat 8 or 9, and their cargo, a Chevy Suburban would be perfect for you. They tend to be fairly affordable in the used car market, too. Still not cheap, but much cheaper than a Toyota Sienna AWD.

I agree. Avoid run-flat tires on the Sienna.

Another thing to consider - if you are in a more remote area of Idaho, it may be a LONG trip to the Toyota dealer. Obviously not a concern if you’re in one of the larger cities, but out in the boonies you might want to just find something that service and parts are readily available for…

A 2008 Suburban 1500 with 4WD will set you back at least $25,000. The rear seat also does not fold flat. The 2008 Expedition XLT is about $3000 less and has a 3rd row seat that does fold flat. Gas mileage is not as good (12/18 vs. 14/20) but the truck is a lot more comfortable.