Eight passenger Toyota Sienna


My husband and I are looking for an eight passenger Toyota Sienna minivan (preferably used but possibly new). We live in Illinois, and the closest used ones we’ve found are located in Wisconsin and Massachusetts! What are we doing wrong in our vehicle search? We’ve tried cars.com, specifying “8 passenger” in our search. Any suggestions? Anyone out there interested in selling theirs? Thanks for all your help!


I’m surprised Toyota even made an 8 passenger minivan. You’d be hard pressed to find any nearby, since the majority were made with 7 passenger (until right now I thought they were ALL 7 passenger.) To be honest, if you’re trying to carry 8 adults, look for a bigger vehicle, because they will be stupidly cramped in a Sienna. You’d be better off looking for a full-size van (Ford Econoline, Chevy Express, Dodge Ram Wagon/Campwagon or Sprinter) or a large SUV (Chevy Suburban, Ford Expedition/Excursion) not to mention that full-size vans and large SUVs will be much easier to find.


8 people in a mini van??? Noway. I own a Suburban we are 6,and we seat 2,2,2 if I make a long trip with them, 4 or 5 hr trip we need to stop every hr. The third seat is not intended for big people. No leg room.
Before you buy, do youself a favor, seat in every place,3rd seat the first one and seat for at least 10 min. You will realize what I mean it is hard to be confined in that seat.
Also the suspension on those minis is not intended to Carry the waigt of 8 grown ups.
Car dealers will say what ever you want to hear.Oh Yes, it will carry 8 peple and still will have room for all the logage you own, and the 3 Bull Mastives dogs you have…


Pontiac Montana and its chevy sister comes in an L version that seats 8, space is a bit tight but does the job.


We have a 2004 Sienna 8 passenger, and it is more than adequate space wise even with 8 aboard it is not particualarlycramped. We have been very happy with it, trip mileage running 70 to 80 mph gets 23 mpg.


Those Econoline vans run great too. I enjoyed my 3000 mile cross country trip. Fully loaded with passengers, you might get 16.5 mpg on the highway, but you will have plenty of power with the 5.3 or whatever 5.7? V8.


5.4L V8