Need to Get new car keys

So I use my parents spare ignition keys (not including the FOB) for our 3 vehicles (which are a 2006 Dodge Caravan, 1996 Chevy Silvarado and a 2009 Chevy Colbalt) and today I sort of lost the keys while floating a river with some friends because they were hooked to the lanyard around my neck and somehow slipped off… If i bought new unprogrammed keys for each car off ebay how much would it approximately cost me to have all 3 keys cut but not programmed? And is it possible for me to program the keys myself? I’m in highschool and cant afford to replace 3 spare keys at $50 to $100 apiece through a dealer but I really don’t want to get in trouble for this either… Any advice would be fantastic thanks. And are 1996 Chevy Silvarado ignition keys chipped as well?

just tell your parents the truth. you will get more points for being honest than you will lose for dropping the keys in the river.

if you get caught being sneaky they will doubt your word for a long while.

You can’t start the car unless the keys are programmed. My local hardware store sells chipped keys and programs them. There might be one near you, too. This particular store is and ACE Hardware. But the prices sound similar. I paid about $50 for a 2010 Cobalt ignition key. I doubt that you have or can get the equipment required to program the keys. And it would cost way more than $150.

On most vehicles with keyfobs and “chipped” keys, if you have access to two working keys you can program more yourself. If you only have one working key, you will need to go to a dealer or locksmith to add additional keys/fobs. Here is one of many sites that sell replacement keys/remotes: