Need to find new shop for 60k maintenance (South Nashua, NH)

Since I got my '08 Ford Escape XLT (6 cyl.), I’ve been going to Best Ford, Nashua, for maintenance and repairs. For the 60k service, they have a package that’s ridiculously expensive (over $500). Never mind if the car needs repairs beyond the service. If I can’t find a recommended shop on the Daniel Webster Highway (most convenient for me), I’ll go to Best. But, I’ll go with a copy of my owner’s manual service recommendation and see if I can get a more reasonable price.

Thoughts? Recommendations?


You’re on the right track, no need to use the dealer after the warranty, though for some things their price may be competitive. Usually it’s not, as you’ve discovered, though that depends on what they are doing for the price. You might post the work they do for that charge so someone here can judge the price. If it includes a timing belt, it’s probably reasonable or cheap…all depends. Maybe the dealer is hungry…

Instead, find a locally owned independent repair shop. Start by checking the “Mechanics Files” near the top of this page. There you’ll find listings of recommended shops. Also ask people you know who they use. When you hear the same name coming up frequently as recommended, that’s your answer.

Most of us here advise avoiding national chains, especially quicky lube stations and tire stores, because the employees are less experienced mechanics who create problems all too often. Look for a shop where you feel respected and treated fairly, and the staff seems well qualified. Then be a loyal customer - loyalty results in premium service at standard prices.

You could tell the dealer people what service to do. You don’t have to get their entire cargo load of charges. They will probably let you do anything you want and be just as happy as if money was falling from the sky.

Dealers aren’t the only place that tries to up-sell you. You just have to not be sensitive to those minor crimes. A place where I live wants me to buy an additive to put in Castrol Syntec when they do my oil change. I don’t feel like crawling all over my floor to change it in December. It’s cold in winter here.

That was with the old truck; now I have a new vehicle which will get the free maintenance for two years at the dealer. I may throw away some money after that but I won’t have them changing any air filters until it has to be done.

A 60k miles service is considered a major one on just about every make and model. This probably includes differential oil change, spark plug change, etc, etc, and it adds up quickly.
While it may not be recommended, a transmission fluid change every 30k miles is a good idea and doing that at 60k miles would drive the price even higher.

It’s unclear if the maintenance schedule as listed adds up to 500 or if there are additional services being factored in.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with pricing the job around at independent shops as the same services could possibly be performed for less.

If you want to go a little farther North…There’s a place in Merrimack NH I use to use when I lived over that way. TireTown. Right near the Lobster Boat restaurant. They do everything from tires to PM to major engine and tranny work. He’s honest and they do good work. Haven’t been there in years though.

thx for all the great advice. really appreciate!

i’ve decided to stick with the devil i know. i will go in with 60k maintenance list and start from there. agree with pleasedodgevan2 that, of course, they’ll be happy to do the work. they’ve always been easy to work with. and, on reflection, this AM, i’m not feeling like i want to start over with a shop i don’t know. anything more conveniently located in my area is either a jiffy lube type place or midas type chain. and i know how the latter can upsell.

i’ll be back the next time i need help.

Why don’t you post a list of the items included in the service quoted by the dealer, and the respective prices. As I wrote, you may be getting a good deal, and it might be useful for you to be aware of that and thus feel better about going with the “devil you know”. Or it may be overpriced. As ok4450 wrote, this mileage increment does trigger several important service items.

i don’t have a list. not that the guy over the phone didn’t give it to me. i just noted the overall cost. i know that the dealership charges more overall, but i’ve been going there to have a consistent relationship. that’s why i’ve decided to be armed with a list and get the breakdown when i’m there. if i think they’re trying to push too much on me, i’ll stick with my usual oil and filter change, tire rotation, and the inspection they do as part of the service. i’ll call around after that if i need to. thx for the tip!

Mike, I thank you. I’m going to try to keep that name in my leaky memory banks.