2020 Chevrolet Impala - No AC

A/C quit working while on the trip from Ca. Turned it on and no cold air. I have not looked at it as of yet. Been a automotive Tech/Mechanic for 60 years. Retired with heart problems. Plus had to bury my brother. My plate has been very full. Can’t find a common problem on this. I had a appointment for this to be checked out then my brother got sick. Well was just looking for an answer if other people had a problem like this. Worked fine going there and while I was there. Stopped working on the way back.

Tech looks at compressor. Is clutch engaging?
Checks system pressures?
Start there.

As a mechanic you should know that things just break or quit for a variety of reasons . If you have less than 36000 miles it might be covered by the factory warranty.

Also you should know that without the proper equipment AC work should be left to the professionals. Sure other people have had AC failures on their vehicles that does not mean yours has the same problem .

When driving long distances at high speeds, it increases the chances of something striking the condenser, allowing the refrigerant to escape.


An easy check is to verify that the outside temperature that is displayed in the car is accurate. If the sensor fails, it will display a very low temperature which disables the A/C on GM vehicles.

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Thank you for

thank you for your email. I was in the desert. It was hot