Need some ideas

I have a 2015 Ford focus hatch back. I just recently bought it from a used car dealership. It has about 58,000 miles on it. My problem is when I am at a complete stop, like at a red light, and I go to slowly accelerate the car starts lurching. Or I’ll be going up hill and it will lurch in little spurts then the front will vibrate for a sec.
But this don’t happen all the time.
I’ve heard that it might be a fuel pump. But I haven’t had it but three days and I haven’t had a chance to get it checked out. Any thoughts guys?? I’m hoping it isn’t something bad and expensive.

Does it have a automatic transmission? Ford has had LOTS of problems with the dual-clutch automatic in the Focus and Fiesta. You might want to get on a Focus/Fiesta forum and find out more about the problem. Also check that all recalls have been done on your car. A Ford dealer will be able to tell you.

Did you buy it from a Ford dealer?

My F150 had a 5 yr/60000 mile warrantee on power train. You might want to get to a Ford dealer and see if you, as a second owner, are covered.