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Acceleration lost

What causes sudden, temporary loss of acceleration when going about 55MPH?

Have 200,000 miles on car. Has new transmission, fuel fiter, fuel pump. Will drive a couple hundred miles, then when going around 55 and accelerating, will almost violently lose forward motion 3-5 times and then resume normal driving. Please help. Ford is out of ideas!

Do you truly mean acceleration, or do you mean that the road suddenly turns to wet cement while going 55? It’s unclear whether you’re advancing in speed or just cruising and suddenly lose power.

It would help if you state what car you have …and the year/engine/etc.

We had an issue where our 86 Ford Tempo would just “lurch” or buck every once and a while. After failing to get it diagnosed, we handed it to my mother’s mechanic and he had an Sun Interrogator. While performing a “wiggle test”. Come to find out it was a bad connector at a sensor. That was back in the OBDI era.

Car is 2000 Ford Taurus, 200,000 miles, 3L, V6. When I’m cruising along about 55, then starting to increase power (accelerating) to go uphill or pass someone - it “lurches” 3-6 times then resumes normal operation. It will go a couple hundred miles or so before doing this again.

This sounds to me like it may be a tranny problem, specifically with the Torque Converter lockup. I’m not a tranny expert, so I’ll defer to the expertise of those here that have torn down and rebuilt a few.

Transman (with luck)?