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Ford Focus '12 stutters when accelerating

I have a 2012 Ford Focus with automatic transmission with about 22k miles on it. No check engine lights on. When accelerating from standstill it always stutters a little as if it’s not really ‘catching on’ properly (just in “first gear” it seems). It doesn’t do it once you’re beyond 5 - 10 mph and it doesn’t do it either when for instance stepping on the gas pedal while driving. Only from standstill. It also doesn’t seem to go away when the car has been driven for a little while. It’s always there. What could be causing this?

Whatever it is, it’s the reason you’re paying for a warranty. Take it back to the dealer and let them diagnose and repair it for free.

Even if a CEL isn’t on, you could still have stored fault codes. And even if you have no stored fault codes, it is sttill the obligation of the dealer to repair it under warranty.

The Automatic transmission in your vehicle is the DPS6. Its actually a 6 speed manual transmission with two dry clutches where the operation is controlled electronically. (You may want to talk to the Service manager about some of the transmissions characteristics, remember it is a different than a automatic transmission that we are all used to) What you are likely experiencing is engagement shudder from clutch 1 when performing a pullaway. Clutch one is used for the odd gear ranges, clutch 2 is used for the even gear ranges. This is a known issue. You will need to take the vehicle to the dealer for service, once there the vehicle will have the Powertrain Control software updated to the latest software level (PCM, TCM modules will be updated), a clutch relearn will then be performed using the Ford scan tool and the clutch performance validated. If the clutch performance fails to meet certain criteria, it will be replaced. The dealer will also verify that no oil leaks are found within the transmission bellhousing that will contaminate the new clutch assembly. Don’t panic, the repairs are pretty straight forward but will take a couple of days to complete. Then you will be back out on the highway.

Thank you both for your comments. I will take it to the dealer and have this checked out and repaired. What you describe jgree142 certainly sounds like an accurate description of what’s going on. Thanks again.

All above comments on the money. Here’s some add’l thoughts.

Assuming all the routine maintenance suggested in the owners manual is up to date. If not, have that done first. If the problem remains …

This may be just the way the car performs. Ask the dealership if you can take a test drive in another Focus (with the same engine and xmission), see if that one does it too.

If there is in fact a problem, and the problem turns out to be the engine, the first place I’d look is the EGR. It activates during acceleration. But it might be activating more than it should , or when it shouldn’t. It is controlled by both vacuum and temperture, so if either of those are mis-registering or on the fritz, that could affect the EGR too.

A vacuum leak, clogged air filter, fuel filter, or exhaust component (like the cat) could cause this symptom. Anything affecting drivability could cause it, like the intake air flow metering, or the fuel pressure regulator, faulty fuel pump, or O2 & cranks sensors.