Need some ideas on this electrical problem

I’ve been having an odd electrical problem lately. On my dash, the emergency brake and oil lights pop on together even though the brake is disengaged and the oil levels are fine. In the cabin, you can hear an audible clicking sound. This clicking is the sound of my rear reverse lights popping on and off. This issue occurs while driving, so people behind me see my reverse lights turning on and off rapidly.

That would certainly be disconcerting to follow…how many miles do you have on your Ford? Has all routine maintenance been performed as scheduled in the owners manual? Has it ever been in any accidents? I wonder with the oil light if it’s going off because your oil PRESSURE is low, but given that the break light is going on and off at the same time, it could also be something electrical. Did you happen to check the level of your break fluid? The break light will come in if your break fluid level is low…

No accidents, it has not had strict routine maintenance, and the brake fluid levels are fine. Approximately 161k miles. I added a video.

Not sure on the oil pressure levels, but the oil was changed a month ago. I assume it’s electrical because those two lights go on and off together randomly.


Ford Five-Hundred, Approximately 161k miles

Model-Year, please?

First off, check the oil level is ok on the dipstick. When lights turn on and off like that the cause is often a circuit breaker, and there’s a short circuit in the wiring somewhere.

I don’t know what Model-Year this car is, but here’s a FORD bulletin.


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I have wonder if the issue is being caused by excessive AC ripple voltage coming from the alternator. When that kind of trouble happens though it usually is constantly happening rather than intermittently occurring. To see if the alternator is causing the trouble you could disable it by removing the fuse to it which should be in the dash fuse panel.

2006 Ford Five Hundred SEL FWD

Are you able to disconnect the rear tail light fixtures from the wiring harness individually? If so, try disconnecting them one at a time. That might provide a clue if only side side is causing the problem.