Need some help I'm confused

I bought a 02 ford Econoline conversion van had it towed home put the driveshaft back in it I drove it around the block drove fine then went to put in reverse won’t move put in neutral wouldn’t move but drives took the driveshaft back out it moves… Any suggestions on what to tell a shop to fix… When u was driving around the corner it was making grinding noise

Well, then, it sounds like the transmission is kaput.

And don’t tell a shop what to fix because they WILL fix what you tell them to but that might not be the problem. Tell them what you told US and let them figure it out. After all, they are the mechanics and the vehicle is right in front of them. I am just a person on the internet diagnosing a problem with ONLY your description of what you did.

Thanks for your opinion I should do the trans thenb

I have a 2002 e150 ford Econoline conversion van it has no reverse i can’t push it in neutral I drove around the block it was making a grinding noise when I was taking off then it stopped but the guy who sold me the van took the driveshaft out to tow it home so I towed it to my house & put the driveshaft back in then all the problems the grinding sound came from the rear of the van… Can it be the rear end or driveshaft

I replied to you once already about this. Get ready to replace the transmission. It is NOT the driveshaft and it is not the rearend. If it rolls with the driveshaft out, then it isn’t the rearend. And a bad driveshaft will still transmit power, just with lots of noise.

A transmission rebuild is in your future if you want this van to actually run.