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2003 Chevy Tahoe

Put car in reverse and heard grinding noise. Car goes into drive without noise but can not drive for long.

One shop diagnosed as drive shaft needed.

2nd shop diagnosed as transmission needed and that car would not go into drive if it was the drive shaft.

This is a 4x4 automatic 8 cylinder.

Any thoughts which shop we should listen to?

Please clarify “can not drive for long”. What does that mean, exactly?

It was driven for about 1/2 a mile after the reverse incident but we began to hear strange noise. We stopped and had it towed to shop. Car shop owner put in drive however and parked the car.

Did you make sure the tranny fluid level was correct?

You may be having a transfer case problem. Try and find a shop that works on 4x4s to have a diagnostic done.

Yours has the push-button modules on the dash for the transfer case?

Sometimes the contacts get dirty in the module and removal/cleaning and replacing does the trick. The switches are pried out of the dash (CAREFULLY) to gain access to the contacts.

Also, when was the last time the transfer case fluid was replaced?

When was the last tranny fluid and filter change?

These trannies are very expensive so make certain that IS the problem first.

Phone around for other tech opinions too.

Someone on the site I’m going to give you may have your answer or can direct you to a place near you.