Need some advice won't turn over

Hi all.

Ok so yesterday I noticed my truck was taking way longer to turn over then expected.
I figured it may be the spark plugs.

Today however I went to the store and waited for my other half in the car, I turned the car off just to listen to the radio and wait.
The radio then shit off which it never does so I quickly turned the ignition and after a long while it started up again.

This tripped me out so instead of the beach I kept the car running and came home!
I turned the car off and again the radio went off, I then tried to start her up again and it would not start up.

Is it the battery?

That would be the first logical thing to check.

You need a car tech talk lesson.
I tried to decode your poorly chosen description of events.
When you turn your key to “start”, the motor cranks.
Some may say this is “turning over”.
It should crank at the same speed, everyday.
If it cranks slower that is due to a weak battery.
A slow cranking motor usually will start. Sometimes not
You could have a failed ignition part and motor might crank forever.
Well, till battery dies.

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You’ll need to clarify. If the engine cranks robustly … that rrr rrrr rrr sound with the key in start – then the battery is ok. If it takes an unusual length of time between turning the key to start and that rrr rrr rrr souind begins, that could be the battery, but more likely the starter motor pr the ignition switch, or more generally a high resistance wiring problem somewhere in the start circuitry. The radio turning off when you turn the engine off, if that’s not the way it usually works, first guess is a problematic ignition switch.

On both my truck and car the radio turns off after 5 minutes with ignition off. 2013 F-150 & 2006 Pony.

I think that you are on target, but in light of the following information, there may be other issues involved that none of us are qualified to deal with:


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That is certainly out of my (very limited) field of expertise.


The “I” and the “U” are next to each other, especially on a smartphone… Its funny, tho…

I recently had a radio :poop: off and I had to replace it because it wouldn’t turn on again.

I made that same typo to my boss last week… Good thing he has a sense of humor! lol