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Electrical or Engine Problem?

Recently, I took my truck about an hour to school. No problems. Then, I neglected to drive it for about a week. The next time I got into my car to start it up, nothing happened. However, after several cranks of the key, my engine finally kicked in and the car started. Riding around that day was fine, no problems (except for maybe one?). This exception was that my radio had been reset, like when the power goes out in your house and you have to change the clocks again. So the next day, I take my truck out again and the exact same thing happens! Is this some engine problem because it sounds like it’s struggling when I initially try to turn it on? Or is this problem electrical, and I’m just having to wake up the battery after it’s been sitting for a day or so? What should I do to get this fixed. I haven’t needed a jump yet, it’s just really annoying to have to crank the key 8 times to get out of the drive way. Thanks!

First, I’d Remove The Battery Cables From The Battery Terminals, Clean The Cables And The Terminals And Reinstall The Cables.


" Clean The Cables And The Terminals " Both ends of each cable. If that does not do it, I would have the battery checked or if it is over 4 years old now, I would have it replaced.