PT Cruiser - and dead battery

My battery is a year old. My mechanic says the alternator is fine. And yet, occasionaly, the car just won’t turn over. I have lights, even the radio will turn on. It just won’t turn over. The person I bought it from had similar trouble. She removered the factory radio. I replaced the radio, but I don’t think that is the drain. Any suggestions, clues, thoughts???

Yes the radio could be a problem, but so could the battery with an internal connection problem or a bad ground or connection.

I would suggest starting by removing each end of each wire attached to the battery and clean both contact surfaces of both ends of each cable and re-attach. See if that corrects the problem.

Does it do it more when it has been sitting for a ling time (like over night or a few days?  How old is the battery? 

You might try checking the battery voltage at the battery at rest and when you are trying to start it

I replaced the battery the first part of 2008. Yes, when it is sitting for a few days it tends to do this.

Most stores that sell batteries offer 1 year free replacement minimum, and they also will load test for free. Take it back to where you purchased the battery and have them check it. It is possible that the battery is OK, and you have a parasitic drain or your having a starter system problem, but at least with the test, you’ll know if it is the battery for sure.

Thanks… that gives me more info than I had. CJ

CJ, I Have Two Questions.

Is This A 2001?

Do you know if you have a Mopar Sub-Woofer in your stereo system?

If you have an 01 with sub-woofer, then here’s something to try. Should you determine that you have an ignition off current draw of 20 milliamps or more, remove the left rear upper quarter trim panel. Remove the lower trim panel below it. Install one end of wiring harness jumper, Chrysler Part # 05093966, into the Mopar sub-woofer and the other end into the vehicle’s wiring harness. Replace the panels.

There was a little ignition off electrical draw problem with 01s that came with sub-woofers. Batteries were going flat and this was Chrysler’s “cure”.