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Need oil change

anyone know how many quart of motor oil go in a 2005 toyota matrix 16 valve 1.8 liter.

No but like my chemistry teacher used to tell us when we had a question, “it’s in the book”. Should be around 4 quarts. Maybe 3.5 or 4.5 with filter but it would be in the owners manual.

Owners manuals can be viewed on line at

Page 303 of the owners manual shows the oil capacity for two different engines;

four quarts

Enough to make the oil level be at the full mark on the dipstick after changing the oil and filter and running the engine for a minute to check for leaks. Don’t rely on the manual, just check the oil.

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Just saw this from Matrix forum:
The 1zz requires 3.9.
The 2zz requires 4.5.

Theses questions are way to easy. Put oil in until you reach full mark. Run engine for a few minutes, let set and check again. Good grief, how simple can it be?


I think some of you are forgetting that the OP needs to know how much oil to buy before starting.

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Buy a 5 quart jug of the proper oil. That way, 3.9 quarts or 4.5, you have enough and a little left over to top off down the road.

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Manufacturers would be wise to put that sort of info on the sticker under the hood, with the vacuum hose, tune-up, & emissions information.

I agree with reading/checking the manual but I never put that amount in from the get go. Somehow, I always need either more or less than what the manual calls for. I guess it depends on how warm you get the engine and also variations in the oil filters that causes this. Just put in close to enough, start/stop engine and then check/fill to full. I always check one more time a day after oil change (my OCD pills are on back order!).

Really? Just buy a 12-pack, or a 5-qt jug. It doesn’t go bad, and you’ll use it eventually.