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Oil quantity of 2.4 liter Toyota Camry

I own a 2009 Toyota Camry SE with a 2.4 2azfe engine and 4.5 qts seems to overfill the engine. I manage an oil change place where i’ve been there almost 7 years so i know i have the skill to do my own oil change. I used a Prolater pureone oil filter #PL14477 and 4.5 qts of valvoline 5W20 full synthetic oil. When I was done I noticed that it was overfilled by a quarter of a quart. I then lowered the oil and made it on the full mark. A couple of weeks later i had a simillar Toyota Camry come through and installed 4.5 qts of oil and again it came up overfilled. I had to lower the customers oil for him and showed it to him to verify it was on the full mark. The other day I had another Camry come in and this time i only added 4.25 qts of oil and it was on the full mark. The thing that gets me is our computer at work shows it should have 4.5 qts when replacing the filter and so does the owners manual. Is it possible that the dipstick is short from the factory leaving the oil level too high? Is there a typo in the owners manual where it should say 4.25 qts instead? I know it’s only a quarter of a quart difference but i’ve never seen this happen before. If you have any feedback or experience with this issue i would really appreciate your feedback and thanks in advadnce.

I think the capacity numbers in the owners manual are for a bone dry factory fill.

With an oil change the engine is not bone dry.

Same thing happens with my MIL’s 01 Civic.

Go With The Manual. When You Run It And Fill The Filter, It’ll Be Close Enough!

We’re talking 8 to 16 ounces of oil, here. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Use the manual’s recommendation. Besides, how do you know the dipstick accurately shows 1/4 quart too much? I don’t think it is designed to measure anything more than full.


Are you looking at the dipstick after the oil’s been filled, but before the engine has been run? Some of that oil will go to fill up the oil filter and cooler/cooler lines (if there is one) once the engine is operated. Almost every vehicle I’ve changed oil on reads somewhat high if I haven’t run the engine yet, but it settles down to full afterwards.

Budd 2049, Don’t Forget, This Person Managed An Oil Change Place For 7 Years!


And he uses Prolater filters.

“Shot By His Own Gun?”

After install of the filter and the oil I run my personal vehicle for atleast 2 minuites after the oil change has been done and then wait a few minuites to let the oil settle. I would take a purolater filter that is almost a half of an inch longer than an M1-103 oil filter that’s shorter any day. And i’ve been in the oil change business for almost 7 years where i’ve been the manager for 3 plus years.

HUH…that doesn’t make sense at all…

Toyota is giving you information on oil change that according to you a situation that could NEVER happen. I’ve NEVER EVER heard this. EVERY single vehicle I’ve done an oil change on in the past 35+ years (were talking HUNDREDS of oil changes on close to a hundred different vehicles)…will have a capacity of how much oil is needed to bring it to the full mark. There are two numbers in the manual…one for with filter and one without…A filter can hold up to a quart of oil (thus the different number).

It’s Good To Hear That You’re That Conscientious. Not All Oil Change Places Offer That.

Is this an independent or what “chain” are you with?


I’m with VIOC. Thanks for the compliment. I treat every customers car like my own even if they want an oil like 10w30 for a car that takes 5w20. I try to show that to my customers so they see i’m honest and i’m out for their best interest.

Has anyone ever done a oil change and not changed the filter? (since the Second World War ended). I know some odd repair policies existed during the war years. I could not be easily convinced to do this, perhaps when tied together with some repair but I can’t think of a circumstance when I would remove and replace the oil but not change the filter.

For the OP, Have you run your question by Toyota? like the owners manual they are the people to ask,here at Car Talk we can only speculate.

I guess you can compare filter sizes at the store, next time you’re in there. Who knows? There might be a difference. I know you aren’t going to waste the money it takes to buy a Totota filter. I hate those half quart deals. I wish they would make it a four or five deal.

I’ve never changed the oil on any car without changing the filter…HOWEVER…Every car I owned prior to 1990 suggested a oil filter change interval of every other oil change.

And I have chosen to ignore that advice and change the filter also. Why would the manufacture suggest a non-filter oil change? (they can’t be concerned with my wallet). Perhaps they are worried you will wear out the threads on the filter outlet.:slight_smile:

I don’t mean to sound like a smart-a55, but you managed an oil change facility for 7 years and can’t spell Purolator? Rocketman

One possibility. The guys that designed this engine very likely think in liters, not quarts. The nominal capacity very likely is not a even multiple of one quart or even a simple fraction of quarts. A likely capacity would possibly be 4 liters which is just under 4.25 quarts. 4.5 quarts could easily be a conversion error. English units most likely look more than a little weird to folks who use metric in their work and daily life.

You’ll have to ask the manufacturer on that one. It’s been around for decades.

Are You Calling My 19/32" Wrench A Little Weird? Go figure!


Was just checking over my sister’s Camery and found the oil level over the full mark. So I decided to google “toyota 2.4 oil level” to see what turned up and wahey here I am. It was good to find out that the recommended 4.5 Qts. (with filter change) will put put the level over the full mark. I’ll leave it there for now and check for any evidance of excessive oil agitation from rotating components.

Thanks for the help!