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Need Info on my 2004 Buick LeSabre

I have a 2004 Buick LeSabre Custom Town Edition, I wanted to know why i cant find any information about the “Town Edition” model, there is no info on the internet about it, and I have never seen another one. Just today I saw a “Lakeside Edition” parked at the mall. What makes these so special where i cant seem to find any information on my Town Edition or any other of the “Special” Editions. My Buick has custom leather seats with Town Edition embroidered in the seat, it also has a cloth top matching the color of the car and Town Edition is also embroidered on the back sides of the soft top. Any one with any kind of Info about my Town Edition or any other special editions please, tell me more.

From what I can tell the 04 LeSabre only came with one engine, a 3.8 L V6. So those are probably just different trim packages.

I assume you did not buy this vehicle new. If that is correct I think what you have is dealer specific add on cosmetic kit. Which someone really paid way too much for.


No i didnt buy this car new, bought it 3 years ago from a used car lot just trying to gather more information about it

I can only hope the person that thought putting phony convertible tops on full size four door cars was a good idea was not allowed to ever think of anything else.


Those sound like dealer trim packages common during that era. It seems the LeSabre was often dressed up in its final days.

My stepfather bought a 2005 Buick “Wildcat” that was displayed in the showroom. It is a dress up LeSabre with a name reminiscent of the 1962-63 Wildcats he owned.

The LeSabre came in two trim levels.
Custom was the lower priced model. Limited was the upscale one with more standard features like heated leather seats, heated O/S mirrors with LED turn indicators in them and leather wrapped steering wheel.
I think the “special” editions were regional plans. We bought a 2004 PGA Tour trim model when we lived in Florida. Had all the items you mentioned but had PGA tour exterior trim. (Golf)
(Town Edition probably was a take off on Town Car used by Lincoln.
No difference in parts other than trim. If you feel lucky, try to find a “build sheet” under the rear seat cushion in the padding. There’s also a vehicle specific decal on the driver door and another in the trunk compartment.
Any GM dealer can give you the full information on your car with the VIN.#
If your car is a LeSabre Custom, that will be indicated by the badging on the dash and trunk lid. It will be “LeSabre Custom”. The higher priced model will be "LeSabre Limited"
Also by the VIN # the 5th position will be a letter. “N” is lowline (“custom”) “P” is highline (“limited”)
There was only one engine, a 3.8 L V-6 (No turbo or supercharger available.)
By the way, If you think you want to add OnStar service, it is doable. If the original owner had the digital upgrade done, all you have to do is call OnStar and they can help set it up.
I think it is a real benefit that you should consider.
I hope I’ve been able to help.

Specifically, what are you trying to find out? I believe there wouldn’t be many differences between your car and cars that weren’t “Town Edition,” basically some trim differences.

My Pontiac Bonneville is a similar vehicle. I have the Factory Service Manuals and I believe it lists the RPO codes pertaining to that vehicle. RPO codes tell quite a bit about specifics of a particular vehicle (like car DNA). I believe that’s what @FRANK_MARTINOLI was referring to when he mentioned “build sheet.” Look in the trunk for a sticker.

Google “RPO 2004 Buick LeSabre” and you could get some info you can use.

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I think the RPO for the 04 LeSabre was called “Celebration”. I don’t know the RPO number. That was the model we had. It honored Buick’s 100th anniversary. The PGA trim was a dealer add-on
I can’t look at the papers for that car because it was destroyed in a high speed crash after we sold it to friends. (The occupants all survived, thankfully.)

According to a car salesman whom I used to know, they referred to those phony dealer-installed convertible roofs as “pimp roofs”, and that type of accessory was frequently combined with other items of questionable taste.

Every once in a while, I will see an older Lincoln Towncar which is labeled at the “Congressional” model. Just as GM did not market a “Town Edition” or a “Lakeside Edition”, Ford did not market a “Congressional Edition”, and all of these were just fancy names for dealer-packs of added trim items.


Sounds a lot like dealer installed /regional trim upgrade. It’s unlikely it differs from any other 2004 LeSabre functionally or mechanically speaking.