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2020 Buick LeSabre - Dashboard issues

Problem with Dashboard coming up. It has been well known to happen.

Well known or not, a 2020 should be under warranty. If you can’t get satisfaction from the dealer’s service dept. there should be a number for corporate in your Owner’s Manual.

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The warranty on all Buick LeSabres expired years ago.

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They don’t make a 2020 Buick LeSabre.

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Unfortunately Volvo is correct. The last LeSabre was in 2005. That’s what I get for giving the OP the benefit of the doubt.

We get this type of confusing situation fairly often, and it inevitably leads to many of us giving advice that is not relevant.

Why do people link the current year to their vehicle in the title of their post if their vehicle is not of that model year? All that this accomplishes is a waste of time for the OP and for forum members who are trying to help.

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Seems there is a cottage industry of rehabbing GM instrument panels. A fellow here in Duluth had an ad in the paper for a long time.