need help?

I am looking for a second opinion. My Expedition has had a service light with a code for misfire on #4 cylinder. In March it overheated, and I had radiator, water pump and thermostat replaced. (Also brakes & rotors.) The first part of May it overheated again, and when I took it back the mechanic said I had a blown head gasket at #4 cylinder. He said with as much labor as it would take with the 5.4L. engine to pull and repair, it would be better to put a box engine. His ball park price was $6000. He told me of an additive to put in the coolant for stopping the leak, which has worked so far. I have put some money in the SUV the last couple of years, and I really like the car. Would a new engine in this old of a car be worth it, or should I start scrapping pennies together to replace it?

we have no idea how old our Expedition is, because you haven’t told us.

Some things that can help:
What year is this Expedition?
How many miles?
other than the noted issue- how is the vehicle mechanically? Is rust an issue?
What other repairs (again, other than noted,) have been done recently? Brakes, rotors, thermostat, water pump, and rad won’t do much for a #4 misfire.

beyond that, don’t be afraid to get a second opinion.

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