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AntiFreeze spills out./overheating

Hi all,

New to these forums. Long time listener:)

My wife’s 03 expedition is having a few issues. I’m pretty sure they are related but, not sure how and where to start looking.

All this started around 6weeks ago.

First thing we noticed was that the heat was not blowing like it used to. only warm air. (ac is also not working)

-some engine shake due to hi/low idle.(still going on)

-engine light came on(due to overheating). Engine light has not come on since that time.

-temp gauge tends to go to high once in a while.

-the latest thing I found was the reserve antifreeze tank was over spilling/flowing.I topped it off (to the max fill line) and made sure it was tightly sealed and it still leaks.

Truck has around 80k. She drives it about 2-5 miles a day.

Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated.


Have your engine checked by a good mechanic. You probably have a leaking head gasket because most of your symptoms point to that fact. It could be something as simple as a sticking thermostat but your engine needs to be examined in any event.

Is the radiator fan on when it’s overheating?

Thanks for the response.
I will check the radiator and replace the thermostat to see if the helps. I will post results in a couple days.