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Need help with 2018 honda civic si

So to start out I’m not a huge car guy and I just starting driving stick. but i bought a new 2018 civic si and for the first week everything was fine but then I noticed out of the blue I was having to upshift way too soon. for the first week I could coast going 55mph in 3rd gear at 2500 rpm. but now i can get to 55 without going into 5th gear. idk if I’m doing something wrong or it’s the car. again I’m new to stick so I’m still getting use to it. any help or info would be greatly appreciated

If you were getting to 3rd gear at 55 mph, you were shifting late and reving the engine pretty high. 55 is a normal shift point for 5th gear.

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The rule I used was upshift at 3000 RPM and downshift at 2000 for normal driving. Merging or some such would cause me to upshift later.

“now i can get to 55 without going into 5th gear.” ? do you mean you are still in 4th? what RPM? sounds like you are reving too high.

I’m confused by what you’re saying here, to be honest. However, it doesn’t sound possible to me that you’d be turning 2500 RPM at 55 MPH in 3rd gear.

Do you have a friend who knows how to drive a manual transmission who could ride along with you and give you tips? It sounds like that’s what’s needed here. If not, then perhaps you could actually list here the RPMs and speed at each shift when you accelerate normally to 55 MPH.


I up shift between 3000 and and 3500 rpm. I haven’t been driving the car any differently I just noticed the other day I couldn’t hit 55 mph without going into 5th. but before I was coasting at 55mph in 3rd gear. I’m not driving it any differently so idk it just seemed odd. and when I was able to coast at 55mph in 3rd gear i was also getting 3mpg more

This doesn’t make sense. Do you mean the RPMs don’t go high enough? Not having enough power in your engine would mean you need a lower gear, not a higher gear.

Or do you mean 5th as opposed to 6th (if you have a 6th gear) ?

“coasting at 55mph in 3rd gear” ?? if you can do 55 in 3rd, the engine is probably revving pretty high. I don’t see that as coasting. Why can’t you then upshift to 4th or 5th?

please give us a coherent description. what happens when you start from stop and try to reach 70 MPH? what speeds and RPM do you shift at? previously and now?

If I had to guess, you were in 5th gear before, and thought you were in 3rd. They’re right next to each other, and in some transmissions they’re close enough that you can easily think you’re in one when you’re really in the other.


It just occurred to me you might have thought you were in third gear when you were really in fifth gear. That’s the likely explanation.

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I can easily get to 55 mph in 4th gear without racing the engine w/my 5-speed manual Corolla, if that’s of any help.

It’s under warranty, it’s Hondas problem.