2018 Ford Escape - Shifts high

I have the 2.5 liter engine with 6 speed auto, but I feel that it doesn’t upshift on time. It usually waits until at least 3,500 rpm or higher for shifting - while I always thought that a car should shift as quickly as possible for better gas mileage as long as you don’t lug the engine. I feel 3,500 rpm is too late. Do other drivers also see the shifts at this 3,500 (or higher) spot?

Apparently the car’s computer doesn’t feel this is too late. Since the car is still under warranty, have you asked your Ford dealer this question?

Yes, I have taken it to Ford and they “reset the transmission computer” and that seemed to bring down the shifting rpm from 4k-4.5k to 3.5k, but
it still feels like it shifts too late - the engine will feel like it is rev-ving but the car is not going any faster (exactly like if you stay in one gear too long).

What are average shift points?

Shift points usually match how soon you want to reach a certain speed . Are you saying your shifts are at the same RPM whether you are trying to reach 60 MPH slowly or fast ?
Also did you not notice this in your test drive?

Let’s see… 4 cylinder engine, heavy car, maximum engine torque at 4500 rpm. So a 3500 rpm shift point seems about right. I don’t know how hard you are trying to accelerate but this is a 3700 lb vehicle, powered by a 168 hp, 170 ft-lb torque engine.

My 3850 lb Mustang shifts at about 2100 RPM at light throttle but has 420 hp and 395 ft-lbs from its V8 engine.

Are you just speculating the shift point is incorrect based on, what? Previous experience with V6 or V8 powered cars?

I usually accelerate slowly (old man driver) and I really noticed it because I could hear/feel the engine rev-ving higher and higher but the car not really accelerating - giving it gas but no increase in speed. And maybe this is normal but I would have thought that as a 6 speed auto it would have shifted sooner, not later (most of my cars are low powered (cheap) cars). And you are probably correct - there is no one answer as to what is the correct shift point (too many variables).