Rpm in 2005 honda civic ex

My 2005 honda civic ex runs at 3000 rpms at 60 mph. Other hondas I have had, run at 2000 rpms at 60 mph. My mechanic said it was due to the kind of transmission my car has, and can’t be fixed unless I change the transmission.

Question: Am I getting better mileage shifting a lower speeds to 5th gear, and not exceeding 60 mph at 3000 rpms? or should I get a standard transmission when it comes time to change my transmission. The car has 68000 miles one it.

My '03 Civic EX has a manual transmission and is turning about 3,200 at 70 mph in 5th gear. My mpg on interstate trips at 70 mph is just over 40mpg. I think your Civic is operating as expected.

It’s a Honda CIVIC, not a Honda ACCORD. The Civic does need more rpm for the same speed, compared to the Accord.
Stay with the automatic transmission. You have nothing to gain with a manual transmission.

Uncle Turbo,

Thanks for the reply. I questioned the 3000 rpm reading because my other hondas, which got 40+ mpg, read 2000 rpms at 60mph. It is heartening to hear of your experience. I usually don’t care about being “normal”, but in this case, it’s a relief. Is your honda an EX. My other Honda’s were LX, and 1998 EX.


Since my other Honda civics ran at 2000 rpms at 60 and 70 mph, I was concerned. So, all civics don’t have this high rpm. I really prefer a stick shift. I like to feel the engine in my hand, as I shift from one gear to another. I don’t know if a standard shift gets better mileage, but I feel that I have more control in that area, with a stick shift.

Has it always revved at that level?
It might not be locking the torque converter, or even going into top gear.