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Need help to replace bank 1 sensor 1, Camry 2010 V6

Hello group,
I have been searching for how to replace bank 1 sensor 1 for my Camry 2010 V6, I have replaced b2s1 while I was on it, but had a hard to even visually see the b1s1.

I have removed the air cleaner to free up some space, I assume it is at the back of the engine, but can barely see anything like a sensor be peeking from side.

Do i need to remove the manifold? If i do, will it be super hard to change - I’m worried about the limited space behind the engine.

I am almost there don’t want to give up and send it to a mechanic :wink:

Thanks in advance for your guidance.

Are you only working from the top? Jack the car, place it on stands (safety first) and crawl underneath. I’d bet you can see the sensor. YouTube vids from an earlier Lexus ES 300 and V6 Camry show it being removed from below. Breaking it loose could be a challenge…

Thank you!

Yes I’m only trying from the top. Getting underneath is a bit scary for me LOL

If thats the only way, guess I have to try it.

Do you mind link me a YT video so I can check how they did it? I had no luck finding a camry v6 my model year version of it.

I didn’t find one from your exact model or year either. And the videos I did see were pretty poor from a visibility standpoint.

Be sure not to get under a car supported only with a jack. Use jack stands to support the car or drive-on ramps. Safety First!


Get yourself a Haynes manual for your car at AutoZone or online.