Need help real simple question


ok so my car is having starter problems…the guy gave me guarantee on the engine block is the starter par of the engine block?


A starter is generally attached to an engine block in an indirect manner.
It is not PART of the engine block.

Some more help could possibly be given if you would provide some info so we would know what you’re talking about.


[b]What kind of vehicle is this?



You really need to keep this confined to one question. I note now this is the second question on whatever the problem is.

Your Honda won’t start with the insinuation the starter won’t work. So, what happens?
Automatic or manual transmission?
Any starter solenoid click sound when the key is turned to start?
Does the starter make a hard clunk sound and not turn the engine over?
Does the starter solenoid click and the starter only tries to turn over slowly?
What happens if the lights are on and starter is activated? Lights dim or not?
What is this bit about engine block and guarantee?

See what I mean? The details are needed so a reasonable guess can be made.


update. 93 honda accord lx 4cyl manual 4 dr sedan. ok so i checked my car yesterday my car wouldnt start or crank per say. manny people told me it was the battery or the alternator i jump started it nothing i change the battery n put a fairly new batter and nothing.the only way it would start is if i pushed it witch manual car are obviously know for push starting… it ended up being that my starter wouldnt crank…ok so any simple suggestions i should follow to make it crank? can it be that the starter is stuck?.any thing would help at this point


Well, since we’re not going to get any useful details to narrow it down, here’s a laundry list.

Battery cables.
Ignition switch.
Inhibitor switch.
Clutch switch.
Clutch starter relay.
Fusible link.
Faulty starter.
Faulty starter solenoid.
Security system glitch if equipped.
Seized transmission (manual).
Seized engine, a.k.a. junk.


ok…its not the battery not the cables doubt it…in this case i just think it the starter because all i hear when i push the clutch down n turn the key to on position all i hear is a click…and the only way my car would start is if i push it to start so there nothing wrong with the transmission because i perfectly switch gear or what not and theres nothing wrong with the motor b cuz it started for me yesterday when i pushed it so this leads me to believe thats there a very good possibility its the starter…


If you’re positive the battery and cable ends are good, then a click sound means you’re hearing either the starter solenoid or the starter cut relay.

The next step should be using to a test light or VOM to verify that 12 volts is being provided to the small black/white wire at the starter solenoid when the key is turned to the START position.

If power is provided then the starter is bad.
If power is not provided then this means there is a problem with the starter cut relay (clutch relay if you prefer).
Once this info is known we can go from there.


if you can reach the starter try too tap on the starter.some times it will crank over. if it does you need a starter.also some are just so shot they still wont crank. you need to make sure you have power at the little wire on the starter.take a test light and lightly peirce the wire,and have some one push the clutch petal in and turn the ignition key all the way too the crank position,if the light lights up bright,this will tell you the rest of the starting system is working still need a starter.
good luck