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Need help quickly Please "1985 Ford escort

Does anyone no if the 85 ford escort have a relay switch for the fuel pump and is the fuel pump located in the gas tank.

I don’t no. Does anyone no? If they do, they surely don’t know. :wink:

Try the Autozone URl, which will give considerable information on your car, including almost certainly instructions how to change the fuel pump.

I am not a mechanic, but it sure seems that by that time it was pretty standard to have the fuel pump in the gas tank. If not one of our mechanics will soon enough cuss me out.

Autozone has a repair guide for the Escort. If it has the 1.6, the fuel pump is externally mounted. I can’t speak for the relay. Check if it has a fuel pump inertial switch. My Dad’s 88 Tempo had the switch in the right kick panel. It was acting up and would shut off the fuel pump, usually at the worst possible time.

Ed B.