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1998 Ford Escort 2.0 Fuel pump issues

I recently rebuilt the motor on my escort due to a burnt head gasket. I got everything back together and tried to crank it. The motor turns over fine, and if I spray carb cleaner down the intake it will start. I just don’t seem to be getting fuel. I can hear something sounding like a pump running under the hood or something pressurizing when I first turn the key on, but nothing from the rear where the fuel pump is located. I am getting power to and across the inertia switch. I would like to test power to the pump but am unsure which wires/spot I need to check since the plug has 6 or more connections going to 3 connections to the pump. Can anyone tell me how to check the electrical power to the pump so I can either rule out the pump or find it at fault? I did replace it a year ago, but not sure if it was done right since the car sat up and the motor was rebuilt some time later. Which wires do I check going to the pump? Do I check the big plug or one of the 3 going to the pump? I don’t want to inadvertently short out anything trying to check the power/voltage.