No speedo no shifting

2005 Dodge Neon SXT 2.0 engine

At first I would have an intermittent jumpy speedo then today it got worse and all of a sudden the check engine light popped on. Got it scanned and had three transmission related codes come on including the gear one incorrect ratio code (can not remember the other three). My first suspect was the VSS output. Replaced the sensor and took it for a test drive; no speedo no shifting. Took it back and and got a new one same issue with the replacement.

The tranny fluid was recently changed just after 203,xxx miles. Believe I am the third owner of this car. Seems to have been well cared for in the past. Recently also did some other work that was not transmission related when I first purchased the vehicle.

Honestly don’t know were to aim at next on this one. Any advice?


Replaced the output back with the original now just no speedo and earlier than usual shift. Could it be the input?

How does the connector look? Can you inspect the wire harness for damage? Also, having the codes would be great.

Connector to the sensor looked fine. I’ll remove the air intake again and take a look at the solenoid lookin (any one know the name of this device or is it a solenoid?) thing that looks like it might be attached to the connector tomorrow. The piece did look a bit dirty. Check engine light has not come back on since I disconnected the battery to reset everything. If it does come back on I’ll try making it over to the store that has a scanner.

early update

@Bustedknuckles went ahead and check the connections they all looks to be tight no loose wires.

Post the three specific codes. They really have very specific meanings, and those very specific meanings might matter a lot if you want remote help by internet.

Took it into a shop. Diagnosed as bad connector.

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking when the new sensor made things worse and putting the old sensor back didn’t improve anything. My next suggestion would have been to back-probe the connector. Thanks for letting us know.

No problem. Just amazes me how much of vehicles has gone to electric and how things are controlled just to keep up with regulations, etc. Think I need to put back and buy a $500 tester just to save the time and trouble when issues pop up on this vehicle hahas.