Need help identifying the name of this port which plugs into my dashcam camera

Welcome… but this is CarTalk not Electronics Journal.

I’d call the connector a female 5 pin round… but don’t ask where to get one.

What are you trying to do?
If a replacement is what you’re after, it will be cheaper and faster to just buy a replacement cord. There are tons of options. One differentiator for that style connector is the polarizing method. Some have a square bump sticking out, some have a square recess, some use dummy pins. So just match the replacement cable to your end (female if they are sockets, male if they are pins). Here’s a great selection to start:

Thank you, its just a replacement cable im after as my current one has accidently snapped.

The other end plugs into a aux so i need one end of the cable to be an aux and the other end, is there any cables like this available?

If you have a BestBuy near you take the cable in and see it they have one .

Have you gone to the web site for the manufature of your Dashcam ? It seems that would be the best place to find one.


I have a Rove. Looking at their website, they have replacement power and data cables they sell under their Accessories tab. $10 to $13. Why mess around, just buy a new cable if you can. What model dashcam do you have?

I have a APEMAN Dual Dash Cam C550

I don’t think I could bring myself to tell someone I had an Apeman Dash camera .

They do have a web site with a customer support button.

Something like DIN or mini DIN female. There are lots of pin arrangements that are custom. If the proper replacement is not available, its’ most likely easier to repair the existing cable than to try to rebuild one using generic components.

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Think i found the cable thanks guys