Changing battery terminal with existing splice

Hi, I was trying to change my battery terminals due to corrosion and age and the positive terminal has already been spliced before. It’s way too short to just cut the cable and put on a new terminal. Has anyone ever done this? Should I just cut the cable below the old splice or is there a way to uncrimp the old splice clean the wires and put on a new one? I would try to replace the whole cable but it goes off in all kinds of different directions and it’s hard to follow plus I can’t even find the part online.

2006 Toyota Corolla

I just put ( battery cable extender ) in Mr. Google and found several Youtube videos showing how to solve this problem .

Maybe I don’t know the right search phrase. I can’t find anything on youtube where there’s an existing extender from many years ago.

If you are trying to find one just for your vehicle then no you will not find one . Try calling a local place like Autozone and see what they say . Or just buy a short cable and splice it and solder it with lots of insulating tape and make sure it won’t ground out on something .

So just like cut it below the old splice and put on a new one?

I personally would just work a little harder to find the other end of the cable. Remove the cable and replace it with a new one of the same gauge and length and terminations. They are just not that expensive. A less than perfect splice (electrically) would always be my concern.


Why not just replace the cables?


Toyota factory cable and clamp… I think this is the positive cable and harness.

The way you (or I) verify if this is correct is to call or visit your local Toyota dealer and ask them for the part number and availability of the positive battery cable for your 2006 Toyota Corolla.

This is SO easy, I don’t understand why everybody has to go to the internet to search instead of just calling the dealers parts department. There are nice people there more than willing to help you.


I really appreciate it but I think that is the negative cable. When I search the part number I find this:

It says this:
WIRING. Cable. HARNESS. Battery. Negative. WIRE, ENGINE, NO.3.
Battery Cable. Negative.

I can try calling them though, but I haven’t had luck getting info from them in the past.

Why? Tell them you need one and want to order it.

If you tell them you just want the part number, they have no incentive to talk to you because they know you intend to order one off the internet. Better yet, walk in and just order one. They can’t ignore you and if they can’t order one, they’ll give you the number so you can search for old stock.

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What about cable extenders from AutoZone, Wal Mart, or wherever. Not shown is that inside the black casing there is a set screw to clamp the cable.

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Yes, definitely. The issue is that they used a cable extender last time so I wasn’t sure if I’m supposed to remove the old extender (uncrimp it) or cut the wire below it and put on a new cable extender.